Bangsamoro Basic Law

C.R.U.I.S. Internship Program Praxis

By Benjamin Lee

Decentered Conditions of Muslim Urban Poor Youth in the Community of Bucana of the Philippines

Stories From the Streets: The Art of Storytelling in the Transformation of Gang Conflict in the Southern Philippines

By Clair Harris

By Jenna Yango Leonard

Missionaries & Nation-Building: Constructing the State and the Indian

Diversity in Unity: Conversations with Religious Pluralism

By Emo Yango

Decolonizing Poverty

By Emo Yango

By Emo Yango

Towards a Hermeneutic of Affirmation for local Theologizing in Closed Access Communities


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A Locus for Doing Theologies: Theological Stories at the Front Lines of Grassroots Mission Engagements

By E. Acoba

By Edna Bacus & Lelybeth Cagulada

A Frontline View the Effects of Principalities and Powers Among Street Level-Peripheral Communities

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