C.R.U.I.S. is the

Centre for Research in Urban and Inter-Cultural Studies


About C.R.U.I.S.

It is an educational training-based research organization. Its members offer pro-bono services to the organization. C.R.U.I.S. partners primarily with local Muslim communities in conflict areas. C.R.U.I.S. gathers research data from community-based research projects conducted and implemented by local people.  C.R.U.I.S. then analyzes the data within an intercultural framework.

C.R.U.I.S. emphasizes intentional engagement between Muslims and Christians.  It is in these spaces of peaceful interfaith relations where individual and collective changes take place. These changes find concrete expressions within the knowing, being and doing capacities of each faith community. In turn, these create ripple effects affecting both faith communities through mutual engagement and participation in the lives of one another. This is a hope that seeks to bring transformation in an integral manner, both to the individual and to society as a whole.

C.R.U.I.S. is engaged in peace relations between Muslims and Christians. The context of our mission is related to a business model that is framed in intercultural relations. In the process, we aim to demonstrate:  

How businesses can become and become inclusive and affirming toward Muslims.

How Christian business can rehabilitate its image among Muslims.

How Muslim & Christian faith communities can work with each other, under a premise of peaceful relations, as opposed to continuing in conflict culturally and religiously.

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